Brighton 09-2014

Brighton Bone Marrow Washing Sept.2014 261

The washing (of the) marrow – xi sui jing – an amazing set to clean your internal and to strengthen the external body. Casually it was a lovely late summer weekend in Brighton…

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It is with pleasure that I welcome the forming of viennaintent, the Austrian branch of the School for the Study of Daoist Health & Martial Method, based in Western Australia.
This school is dedicated to the study and preservation of original Daoist methods of self cultivation and development, including ‚Neigong‘ (inner strength and connective skill), classical ‚Qigong‘, and the internal martial systems of Xingyi and Bagua.
viennaintent is a gathering of senior and experienced practitioners of this method who are dedicated to their on-going development yet also to sharing their knowledge and their skills with those who wish to enter into this transforming work.
This work has innate and profound benefits to the health and well being of those who choose to enter into it, and seems particularly relevant in the modern world, offering access to ancient wisdom and innate methods of self cultivation and empowerment.

I am more than happy to honour the dedication of viennaintent by giving my blessing and on-going support to them.

Roy Jenzen
founder of the ‚School for the Study of Daoist Health & Martial Method‘, doctor of classical Chinese medicine,

We walk the walk before we talk the talk


Workshop Vienna August 2014

Summer-Training 2014 was enhanced by a three-day workshop in the new training-hall kaiserstrasse 76 with lots of refined basic work and crisscrossed by the tiger…


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Wir verfügen über zusätzliche Räume mit Küche und Garten in 1070 Wien, Kaiserstrasse 76 im Innenhof. Der 60m² große neu adaptierte Raum (+ Vorraum, Teeküche, 2 WC) steht zur Vermietung für Seminare, Workshops und (Bewegungs-) Gruppen aller Art zur Verfügung. 2 Flipcharts, große Pinwand, Bestuhlung für bis zu 30 Personen, Tische, Beamer, SoundSystem, W-Lan, vorhanden.

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„Burg Feistritz – Nei Gong and Martial Aspects“ 2014

In may 2014 it was the 5th time in the history of Roy Jenzen´s School, that our annual workshop in a historical, medieval castle in the south of Vienna happened.


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