Termine / Training / Workshops


19. Mai 2017
  • An Introduction to the Understanding and Practice of Original Method Qigong, Heidelberg, Germany

    19. Mai 201721. Mai 2017

    This 3 day workshop is particularly suitable for new students looking for an informed and discerning introduction to Chinese therapeutic exercise ('Qigong'), and the internal martial arts. Current (and advanced) students of these methods wishing to review and deepen their skill are also welcome.
    info & booking: info.internalintent@gmail.com


26. Mai 2017
  • European Internal Intensive, 9 days

    26. Mai 201704. Juni 2017

    This 9 day residential workshop promises to be deeply informing, and is suitable both for advanced and for intermediate students of our Schools. It may also be open to students/teachers from other schools and disciplines who have some solid background in the internal method, please enquire. This workshop will be held in a wonderful medieval Castle in the Austrian countryside, south of Vienna, with places limited so please confirm your interest early.
    info & booking: tom@probalance.at


10. Juni 2017
  • An Introduction to Original Qigong Method: Copenhagen

    10. Juni 201711. Juni 2017

    This weekend workshop will provide new students insight into original Qigong concepts and method, and will also be suitable for more experienced practitioners wanting to deepen their understanding.

    To register or for further information: info@kautz.dk


09. Juli 2017
  • Bali Residential Workshop

    09. Juli 201717. Juli 2017

    Very popular 9 day workshop held on the island of Bali in two beautiful locations, again residential in nature and always deeply informing. Please advise interest early.

    Info & booking: info.internalintent@gmail.com


18. Oktober 2017
  • 2017 International Internal Intensive, Perth and the south west of Western Australia

    18. Oktober 201727. Oktober 2017

    Perhaps the flagship of our workshops, this is a wonderful opportunity over 10 days to deeply explore these arts and to refine the understanding and practice of them. Not suitable for beginners, all current intermediate and senior students from all our schools are welcome, with private accommodation for overseas students usually available. This workshop may also be open to students/teachers from other disciplines with a solid background in the internal method, please enquire.
    info & booking: info.internalintent@gmail.com